Flying Disc Activities & Games for Physical Education, Camps, Birthday Parties, and Kidz of All Ages

KwikFlik Flying Disc Game
KwikFlik Flying Disc Game


Speedflow is a great cooperative game to introduce Kidz to flying disc play! It is easy to setup and some serious fast flying fun for kidz of all ages!

All you need is a 5’x15′ open space for each court that is in play, a stopwatch app, and a single disc for each team. Team members stand on opposite ends of the court and count the total number of successful catches made by the team in 60 seconds. The team with the highest score wins the challenge!

The KidZee is a great first disc for ages 2 and up. They are safe for play weighing only 60 grams and can be thrown accurately up to 150′ or more. Available in various PE Packs, Party Packs, and Activity Kits for your next Kidz event!

Puttmaster Flying Disc Accuracy Game
Puttmaster Flying Disc Accuracy Game

The Puttmaster – Serious Accuracy Training Disguised as a Game!

PuttMaster 3000, Disc Golf Putting Target, Disc Golf Pole target
Accuracy Training for the Future Pro

At CHEENGZ we believe in teaching #AccuracyFirst. The Puttmaster game was developed to teach accuracy as a first skill to children learning to play disc sports, but most specifically disc golf. The game teaches focus and discipline through repetition that builds accuracy in the throwing of flying discs. The practice of 5 repetitive throws over increasing distances embeds accurate throwing into muscle memory while having fun going for a perfect score of 150 points. The Puttmaster can be played with any disc. However, if you are playing disc golf we recommend playing with PDGA Approved Putters. We offer 5 packs of EV-7 Putters at a discounted price to get your future “Pro” on the road to Puttmaster!

Puttmaster, Disc Golf Putting Target, Disc Golf Pole targetPuttmaster, Disc Golf Putting Target, Disc Golf Pole target
KwikFlik Flying Disc Game
KwikFlik Flying Disc Game

KwikFlik – A New Cooperative Game for Physical Education, Day Camps, or a Side Street Near You

The KwikFlik court is designed off the common width of a neighborhood street, 25′ wide. Measure 0′, 25′, 50′, and 75′ on a straight section of a side street and you have a court. When a car comes, stop play immediately and yell “CAR!” as loudly as possible and get out of the way! It’s hours of screen free fun in the summer sun!

KwikFlik Discs are available in Educator, Activity, and Party Packs for your next Flying Fun Kidz Event!

Flying Fun in the Sun - No Screens in Site!
It’s Flying Fun in the Summer Sun without a Screen in Site!

CHEENGZ Cheat Scheetz – A Fun Way to Introduce New Players to the Sport or Keep Casual Rounds Casual

CHEENGZ Cheat Scheetz, Disc Golf Game, Disc Golf Gift, Disc Golf Stocking Stuffer, Frisbee Golf Game, Disc Golf
CHEENGZ Cheat Scheetz, Disc Golf Game Disc Golf Stocking Stuffer

The rules are fair, and fun for all, in
recreational or competitive play!

One deck contains six Survivor style disc golf
advantages. Each card can only be played once per round.

Cheat Scheetz can be played with a single deck
and up to 6 people or with multiple decks up to
1 deck per player. In single deck play with 4 people
each player draws one advantage and keeps it
confidential until played. In 3 person play each
player can draw 2 advantages, or 3 advantages in 2
person play. Add more decks to add more fun.

The “This is Not OB! card is a “Survivor” style advantage that allows you to play the lie and avoid the penalty stroke