The Flying Disc Festival sponsored by

Hyperflite, EV-7, & GADDC

May 29, 2021 Frog Rock Disc Golf Course, Austell, GA

A family-focused event that adheres to all COVID 19 City of Austell and CDC requirements.

The competition is designed as an introduction to tournament play for parents and kids 16 and under. Our Tournament Director is Peter Bloeme, 1976 Men’s Overall World Frisbee Champion, founder of Hyperflite, Skyhoundz, and the creator of the first CHEENGZ golf disc, the I-One. The Flying Disc Festival was created to introduce the foundational skills of disc sports to children by increasing opportunities for them to practice and participate in disc sports competitions.

The Flying Disc Festival consists of three flying disc skill challenges:

  • Disc Golf – Parent / Child Doubles
  • Puttmaster – An accuracy challenge
  • KwikFlik™ – A cooperative throw and catch game where the team completes as many throws and catches as they can in 90 seconds.

The day will end with a canine disc exhibition by members of the Greater Atlanta Dog and Disc Club. The competition is open to parent/child teams, or child/child teams that are accompanied by a parent.

Parent-Child Doubles Disc Golf (PC Dubs™)

Parent-Child Doubles is open to parent and child teams with children 16 and under, or child/child teams accompanied by a parent. Only the child drives once off of the tee pad. In situations of child/child teams, both children drive once off the tee pad. Parents join in from the first lie to complete the hole playing their best team lie until the hole is finished. Children 10 and under play nine holes on a modified course. Children 12-16 play 18 holes on a modified course. The lowest score wins the round.

Points for the overall competition of the festival are calculated by the number of teams which have higher total scores than the team being scored. For example, let’s look at a scenario involving a field of 16 teams where the score is as follows:

  • Team A Score = 50 – 1st Place
  • Team B Score = 51 – 2nd Place
  • Team C Score = 51 – 2nd Place
  • Team D Score = 52 – 4th Place

Team A has the lowest score and receives 15 points for Disc Golf after winning over 15 other teams in the field. Team B and Team C are tied for 2nd and both teams receive 14 points each. Team D receives 12 points as their score was higher than the 12 remaining teams in this field of 16 teams.

Puttmaster Challenge

Puttmaster, Disc Golf Putting Target, Disc Golf Pole target
Puttmaster, Disc Golf Putting Target, Disc Golf Pole target

The Puttmaster Challenge is played by each team member from three distances, 5′, 10′, and 15.’
Each player makes five putts from the first distance and records their score for Round One.
Example: One red hit, two black hits, and one yellow hit totals 12 pts.

Repeat from the second distance and record your score as Round Two.
Example: Two red hits and one yellow hit totals 11 pts.

Repeat from the third distance and record your score as Round Three.
Example: Three black hits and 1 yellow hit totals 10 pts.

Multiply Round One score x one, 12 x 1 = 12 pts.

Multiply Round Two score x two, 11 x 2 = 22 pts.

Multiply Round Three score x three, 10 x 3 = 30 pts.

Add points from all three rounds together for a total score: 12 + 22 + 30 = 64 pts.

Points for the Puttmaster Challenge determine the winner of the competition. The highest score wins first place and is awarded points based on the number of teams surpassed in the challenge.


KwikFlik™ is a cooperative game played by two players on a 75′ long by 25′ wide field. The field is divided into two courts 25′ x 25′ with a 25′ dead zone between the two courts. The players throw from one court to the other player in the opposite court across the “Dead Zone.” All throws must originate inside one court and then be caught inside the other court to score points. Discs that land outside of a court or in the dead zone must be returned to the court prior to the next throw. Players have 90 seconds to complete as many throws and catches to score as many points as they can.

  • The challenge is played with a 106 g CHEENGZ KwikFlik™ disc by Hyperflite.
  • Standard catches score one point (one-handed or two-handed basic catches).
  • One-handed trick catches (behind-the-head, between-the-legs, behind-the-back) score two points.
  • Tipping a disc followed by a successful catch scores a half-point bonus point per tip plus one point for a standard catch or two points for a trick catch. If the disc is not caught successfully after tipping, no points are scored.

Points for the KwikFlik™ competition of the festival are calculated by the number of teams which have lower scores than the team being scored. For example, if there are 16 teams, and team A has the highest score, team A receives 15 points for KwikFlik™.

The teams with the highest compiled scores from the overall competition in each age division will receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze Flying Disc Festival Trophy Discs.

Players Meeting 8:30 AM Saturday May 29th, 2021 Frog Rock Disc Golf Course, Austell, Georgia

Registration is $49 per team, players pack includes 6 discs of your choice $70 Retail Value :

CHEENGZ Flying Disc Festival Promo

Child’s Players Pack

  • CHOOSE ONE DISC: I-One 100 Class Disc or Kidzee Disc
  • 106g KwikFlik Competition Disc
  • EV-7 Penrose FDF Putter
  • CHEENGZ Mini
  • Upgrade to 150/170 Class I-One or KwikFlik Pro $9

Adult Players Pack

  • CHOOSE ONE DISC: 150 Class I-One or 170 Class I-One
  • EV-7 Penrose FDF Putter

Flying Disc Festival Tournament Accessories

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