CHEENGZ is on a mission to bring organized disc play to Kidz across the country and we want your help. We are looking for disc players in Ultimate and Disc Golf to join Team CHEENGZ and help create organized disc play for children in your community. You do not need a world title or a 1080 rating to make the team. You can join by helping start a club for parents and children teaching the fundamentals of disc play in a club environment fostering fun and fair competition for all.

We have developed a three-tier competition series for parents and children to play together called the Flying Disc Festival. We have tournament packs that include Kidzee discs, KwikFlik discs, I-One Disc, a disc golf putter, festival tee, mini, and festival trophies at a wholesale price for Team Leaders.

Parents and children (or child-child teams in the company of a parent) compete in Parent Child Doubles (PC Dubs), The Puttmaster 3000 Challenge, and KwikFlik to win over the most teams in their age division to become the overall winner of the festival. There is no limit to the number of festivals you can run in a year, and we encourage additional practice competitions for Parent-Child teams to practice and play together between main events.

And if you do not have the time to run events in your community you can still join the team by supporting our cause. We have put together a great collection of discs, fun games, and performance sportswear for disc sports lovers from disc sports lovers. Every purchase helps fund our mission.

If you want to help grow organized disc play for Kidz in your community please fill out this form. We will contact you with ideas on how to start an awesome club to create the next generation of disc champions. It is what Peter Bloeme has done his entire career in canine disc sports.

Learn more about the Flying Disc Festival