CHEENGZ is a Disc Golf Lifestyle brand that plants disc golf courses in public parks through Municipal Grants. At most disc golf courses around the world, it is free to play Disc Golf. All you have to do is open a browser and search “Disc Golf Courses” to find the closest free course to your location.

We have started this Brand as a mission to raise awareness of the sport in mainstream society to meet two goals. First, we want to create opportunities for children everywhere to have an opportunity to participate in organized disc sports. Second, we want to help clubs and communities build and improve their own disc golf courses inspired by the many who came before us building the courses where we learned to play this great sport.


CHEENGZ is on a Mission!

Mission Statement

To utilize our talents to help market the sport of disc golf and grow recognition of the sport in mainstream media, create opportunities for children to participate in organized disc sports, and help disc golf communities build or improve their own courses.