I-One 2nd Run Ace Challenge


Second Run Frost to Blue I-One Discs Only – Previous Bounty Winners Are Ineligible

All Bounties Are Available For The First Qualifying Ace Videos:

Men’s Division Bounties

151′-199′ Bounty = $1 per foot – Example 168′ Ace Video = $168

200′-249′ Bounty = $1 per foot – Example 238′ Ace Video = $238

250′ & up Bounty = $1 per foot – Example 305′ Ace Video = $305

Women’s Division Bounties

151′-199′ Bounty = $1 per foot – Example 168′ Ace Video = $168

200′-249′ Bounty = $1 per foot – Example 238′ Ace Video = $238

250′ & up Bounty = $1 per foot – Example 305′ Ace Video = $305

I-One Second Run 160 Class Midrange Golf Disc

The CHEENGZ Second Run I-One™ Ace Challenge – The Race for Aces

Open to all Second Run Numbered CHEENGZ I-One Discs only. This is a tournament concept where the competition is virtual and the disc is your entry. Submit your Ace video and images at www.CHEENGZ.com to confirm your entry in the race.

Please be respectful of all other regular players when competing for this challenge at your course. We suggest choosing a course and a time when there is low traffic so you do not interfere with other people’s enjoyment of the sport.


Challenger must compete on an existing Disc Golf course with signage that displays the distance of the hole being played.

Any single throw from the tee pad into a basket counts. The ace can happen in practice sessions or during a round.

The videos must be seamless from start to finish, filmed from beginning to end, with no cuts in the footage or editing.

The basket must be visible from the tee pad and the view of the basket cannot be obstructed from the view of the camera at any time during the filming of the throw.

The camera person/persons must identify the course with a picture of the disc course sign showing the name of the course or park, a picture of the tee pad played with the sign, a picture of the sign showing the distance of the hole, and a picture of the fairway from the tee pad.

The camera person should position themselves (ideally) behind, and to the left of right-handed players, or behind, and to the right of left-handed players so they can keep the challenger, fairway and basket in the frame for the entire throw.

Video submissions must contain the following elements to be eligible.

  1. Challenger showing the I-One disc to the camera to confirm it is an I-One.
  2. Challenger throwing on the tee pad.
  3. Seamless video of the throw and flight of the disc to the basket.
  4. Your run-up to the basket to retrieve the disc showing the CHEENGZ I-One disc is resting in the basket.

Entries that do not contain all of the qualifying steps as outlined will be disqualified from the challenge without exception. You will be contacted within 72 hours to confirm your entry If you are determined the winner by our three-judge panel

The disc should be signed by any witness of the successful ace throw and take a selphy!

Competitors can only win one distance category in one I-One Ace Challenge (Example – you can win 150′ division (150′ – 174′) with an ace or you can win in the 175′ division (175′ – 199′) with an ace, but each competitor can only win one I-One Ace Bounty

The first successful ace submitted meeting the Challenge criteria is the winner of that distance division and the completed division is closed for the Challenge.

Only one Bounty will be paid for each division in this challenge. However, every qualified video received will be admitted into the I-One Ace Club and receive an official membership kit for your Ace.