I-One™ 100 Class Golf Disc First Run

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I-One™ 100 Class First Run

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Just in, the new CHEENGZ I-One 100 Class by Hyperflite. The First Run of the mold with the Hyperflite anti-slip grip plate on the top and bottom of the disc. The I-One 100 Class Golf Discs weigh approximately 101 grams and are a perfect first disc for disc golf beginners and excellent for MTA (Maximum Time Aloft). Flight rating is 5 | 5 | 0 | 0. PDGA Approved



The I-One is a very stable disc that is easy to throw and does the unthinkable – it goes straight with very little fade and effort. Max distance is achieved with a gentle hyzerflip. It is one disc you can play the entire round with from the tee pad to your putt. Great for kids, ladies, and beginners of all ages.


Origin of the naming of the I-One:

Troy and “Grease” (#12,698) were talking about the mold Peter has had on his shelf for 5 years and what to name it for disc golf. Grease suggested the Roman Numeral I.

Troy said “No one speaks Roman Numerals these days. We have to translate it to One. I do not want it called the I-Disc like an I pad or I-Phone. We need to call it the I, One, which is really 11, like eleven. But, I-One has that positive vibe, and so it is.

Made in Georgia, USA

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8.25 × 8.25 × .5 in


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