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I-One™ 170 Class Max Weight Golf Disc First Run

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I-One™ 170 Class Max Weight Golf Disc First Run SOLD OUT

Only a handful of the new CHEENGZ I-One 170 Class Max Weight Golf Disc remain! The First Run of the mold with the Hyperflite anti-slip grip plate on the top and bottom of the disc. This is the first run – stock quantity reflects the actual number of discs available before sold out. Flight Rating 5 | 5 | 0 | 0 . PDGA Approved

The First Bounty claimed for $200 for 196′ at North Landing DGC Marietta, GA. “The CHEENGZ I-One is a very solid mold. I was using a first run #21/500 147g. It has made its way into my bag. Thanks to Al Sandidge for working the camera!” Joe Costa
The Second Bounty claimed for $150 by Tyler Hutchinson on #7 Long at Wildwood DGC Mt Pleasant, MI with I-One #312 173g claiming the $150.00 Bounty for the 150′-174′ Distance Division.
When asked to review the disc Tyler stated: “The Cheengz I-One is an exceptional mid-range. For touch shots, the I-One will hold any angle you put it on. However, you will be amazed how straight and smooth the Cheengz I-One will be on a Hyzer flip. The Cheengz I-One fills a gap most players overlook!”

The Third Bounty claimed for $300 by Yooper Dan Fleming PDGA# 148026 on #13 Short at Wildwood DGC Mt Pleasant, MI with I-One #304 171g claiming the $300.00 Bounty for the 250′ and up Distance Division.
When asked to review the disc Dan said “This disc is something different than most of the discs I have in my bag. It holds a nice line to the basket, or, like I had with my ace, it will heizer flip to a flat flight with a little headwind. The I-One challenge was a great experience and I’m proud to say that disc advanced my game, and brought me closer to my friends. “
-Yooper Dan
Kendall Hermes wasn’t out of the race yet. Both of his buddies discs were no longer eligible for the challenge since #312​ and #304​ already won a bounty. With one disc he shows what is really great about this disc with his Ace. It’s a beautiful annie shot that helix’s left to right, flattens and then dips slightly back left into the chains like a fish hook. Well done and the 4th bounty is claimed for $225 with a 212′ Epic Ace with an I-One

I-One Flight Chart 5|5|0|0

The I-One is molded in a top tier premium plastic that does not require “breaking in” to fly properly and is so durable the disc will have an extremely long life without much change to its flight over time, tree after tree. The I-One 170 Class golf discs weigh approximately 170-178 grams and are a perfect disc for beginners, advanced, and pro disc golf players. It is a very stable disc that is easy to throw and does the unthinkable – it goes straight with very little fade. The disc is highly accurate and has predictable flight thrown flat or with hyzer and anhyzer. Max distance is achieved with a hyzerflip. PDGA Approved

Origin of the naming of the I-One:

Troy and “Grease” (#12,698) were talking about the mold Peter has had on his shelf for 5 years and what to name it for disc golf. Grease suggested the Roman Numeral I.

Troy said “No one speaks Roman Numerals these days. We have to translate it to One. I do not want it called the I-Disc like an I pad or I-Phone. We need to call it the I, One, which is really 11, like eleven. But, I-One has that positive vibe, and so it is.

Made in Georgia, USA