The Inground PUTTMASTERā„¢

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The PUTTMASTER is the world’s most advanced putting target that is also a great game to play to improve your putting skills. The PUTTMASTER Challengeā„¢ is a fun way to play with friends and improve your putting accuracy. This is the inground option of the PUTTMASTER that comes with a rope marked in 5′ distance increments. The only thing needed is a shovel, water, and concrete to install. Take your accuracy to the next level with the Puttmaster!

Use your cell phone to film rounds for instant replays to confirm a score.

Note: The Puttmaster is hand made from PVC in Roswell, Georgia by Biggus Discus himself. All orders are manufactured “Just in Time” and ship within 2 weeks of purchase. Get some Discapline – get a Puttmaster.

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