The Tale of the Holy Roller …

It was a Sunday 1:00 round at Hidden Valley Disc Golf Course with all the regulars. Biggus Discus picked me up, man was he excited to play the course.

We got to the number 10 tee pad on Mr Pink and Biggus asked Jim for his disc to examine it. It gleamed in the sunlight for a moment as he was waving it back and forth.

Well, he handed it back to Jim, and the darn JimAkins throws a roller …

It was going so fast it caught fire and rolled straight to the pin which was surrounded by dry saw grass…

And it caught fire too!

And then we heard a voice from the fire that said “Start a church and go forth to plant advanced Par 2 Courses for pros that play as Par 3 Courses for kids and families.

And then the flames burnt out  with a giant smoke ring shaped like a disc above the basket

The stamp on it read

“The Church of the Holy Rollers”

far as ya know

Our Mission is Disc Golf

We at CHEENGZ love a good laugh, especially these days. We are huge fans of Monty Python and you will see homage paid to them through our silly skits and bits of fun. The crew of Monty Python created so many of my all time favorite gags in comedy. And it was in this appreciation of comedy that we developed the concept of Church of the Holy Rollers. It is an offshoot of the ancient Frisbetarians that few even speak of these days.

Church of the Holy Rollers is not a religion. It’s only a logo and a fun story. According to the unofficial documents that are not currently on file, “the church exists to plant Par 2 / Par 3 courses across the globe on existing courses”.