I-One 160 Class Second Run Mid Range Golf Disc Pro Plaztic

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I-One 160 Class Second Run Golf Disc – Made in Roswell, GA USA

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The second run of 504 I-One discs are in and going fast! The CHEENGZ I-One 160 Class Golf Disc by Hyperflite has an anti-slip grip plate on the top and bottom of the disc. The I-One is a Mid-range Accuracy Disc that flies straight with a hyzerflip, or holds a hyzer line and anhyzer line until it loses spin and fades slightly back left. Hyzerflip it for straight line tunnel shots or attack a line to save par.

The I-One Pro Plaztic is molded in a top tier premium TPU that does not require “breaking in” to fly properly and is so durable the disc will have an extremely long life without much change to its flight over time, tree after tree. The I-One 160 Class Golf Discs are molded to mid 160 gram weights to maximize the weight with the performance ratios of the disc. Weights in the second run range between 160-168 grams with the majority at 163 to 166g. Lighter discs such as the 150 class have more glide. Heavier discs withstand more wind and drop faster due to weight. The 160 class is the sweet spot between the two.

The I-One is a perfect disc for beginners to advanced disc golf players. It is a very stable disc that is easy to throw and does the unthinkable – it flies straight with very little fade. The disc is highly accurate and has a predictable flight thrown flat or with hyzer and anhyzer. Max distance is achieved with smooth hyzerflip releases. Flight rating is 4 | 5 | 0 | 0 . PDGA Approved

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × .75 in


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