Zingback – I-Plaztic (First Run)

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Zingback Precision Approach Disc

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The Zingback disc is an improved version of the Wham-O Fastback, a disc used in the earliest competitions of disc sports for Maximum Time Aloft (MTA), Throw Run and Catch (TRC), and canine disc. The Zingback is Peter Bloeme’s (Hyperflite) K-10 mold made in 2000 after a change at Wham-O resulted in their no longer sponsoring canine disc through his worldwide tournaments. This mold is old enough to buy an IPA.

A Fastback is a small “Lid”, a first design of competition discs in the sport of flying discs. It is not a distance disc. Bloeme’s improved K-10 is a stable low speed disc that is highly accurate. This mold runs daily in Hyperflite’s facility supplying the canine disc market with competition discs for the sport. The new compound of I-Plaztic was developed for the I-One but we shot 500 discs in the K-10 mold to see what people think of it.

The Zingback was run in a weight between 167-170g and has a 2|3|0|0 flight rating in I-Plaztic, a “Touch Disc” that consistently performs accurately with your release on approach shots up to 150′. It hyzers and anhyzers predictably, max distance is achieved with a hyzerflip. Drop putts can go over trees with anhyzer and drop in or stay close to the basket to get you out of trouble.

The Zingback is a precision approach disc and a great tosser. In fact, we recommend throwing it with a friend to learn its flight characteristics before taking it to the course.

We also had a mishap on the first die for the Zingback stamp. If you look at the left side above the wing there is a helix created by the tail. The first die was missing the tail on the left. Five discs were stamped when the mishap die came in before it was caught. We lost these five discs in the run after stamping, so to make up for the missing tail we created a “MTP” Missing Tail Prize. If you happen to get a Zingback missing its left section of tail contact us for your special MTP prize from CHEENGZ. In addition, if you find a Zingback with a different color foil stamp then what is shown above it is one of the 15 misfit discs in the lot of 500. There are three misfit discs per color.

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