CHEENGZ I-One Mid Range Golf Disc by Hyperflite

Sale! CHEENGZ I-One 1st Run 150 Class Pro Plaztic

The first run of the I-One with weights ranging between 145g-159g. The 150 class was run in the extremely durable Pro Plaztic from Hyperflite. This weight of the disc has the most glide and is ideal for beginners, women, and those without much experience throwing traditional golf discs. Throw it flat and it goes straight, hyzerflip for max distance.

One Bounty Remains in the First Run I-One Ace Challenge 225′ -249′

Sale! CHEENGZ I-One 2nd Run 160 Class Pro Plaztic

The second run of the I-One was run to test disc performance at the optimum weight to performance for the mold, 161g-167g. The 160 class was run in the extremely durable Pro Plaztic from Hyperflite. This disc has less glide than the 150 class due to the increased weight of the disc. The 160 class is ideal for all players looking for a disc that holds a line and flies straight.

Six Bounties Remain in the Second Run I-One Ace Challenge with Men’s and Women’s Divisions

Sale! PREORDER Max Weight I-One I-Plaztic

PREORDER Only! This photo is the prototype we tested that weighs 179.5g. The new I-Plaztic is a super grippy blend of base plastic that will change with use and is less expensive than Pro Plaztic. This run of the disc has reduced glide due to increased weight. It flies straight, holds a line, and stops quickly when it loses speed. Order today for pre shipment starting 8/16/21. Be the first to check out the I-One in the new I-Plaztic from CHEENGZ!

The I-One Ace Challenge – A Free Virtual Tournament – $825 in Bounties Paid, One Bounty Remains for 225-249′ for $250

“The CHEENGZ I-One is a game changer for tunnel shots. It hyzers, anhyzers, and hyzerflips predictably and consistently. It holds a line. The disc is taking the place of my Buzz because it fades less and stays closer to the pin at the end of it’s flight.” Joel Bryant

“The CHEENGZ I-One is a very solid mold. I was using a first run #21/500 147g. It has made its way into my bag. Thanks to Al Sandidge for working the camera!” Joe Costa

“The Cheengz I-One is an exceptional mid-range. For touch shots, the I-One will hold any angle you put it on. However, you will be amazed how straight and smooth the Cheengz I-One will be on a Hyzer flip. The Cheengz I-One fills a gap most players overlook!” Tyler Hutchinson

“This disc is different than most of the discs I have in my bag. It holds a nice line to the basket, or, like I had with my ace, it will hyzer flip to a flat flight with a little headwind.” “Yooper Dan” Flemming

“The disc is point and shoot, no doubt. With a good hyzer, it hyzers. Slight hyzer it will flip to flat and go dead straight. A little bit of anhyzer and it will hold, exactly like how I aced.” Kendall Hermes

An Accuracy Disc That Keeps its Flight Characteristics Tree After Tree

When you have a disc this durable you welcome a testing device like the “Plunginator” by Hyperflite. The I-One withstands 2 hits from the 10 penny nails and only shows slight dimples. After field testing it was found that the flight characteristics of the tested disc still flies the same as a brand new disc.

The I-One Flies Straight and holds a line

Three Friends Ace With an I-One 26 Days After Delivery

The Second I-One Ace Challenge has begun. Click Here for details

The CHEENGZ I-One is a “Hyzer Flip” disc. If you do not know what that is watch this tutorial